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Has HR analytics arrived in Asia? Here’s what I found

I was at the Wharton People Analytics conference, watching a machine learning expert describe the power of algorithmic hiring. “Can an algorithm make a better hiring decision than a human?” the speaker asks, his eyes flashing mischievously. “Of course, and we’re getting there. The world of HR analytics is on the verge of another revolution,” […]

Singapore Technology Jobs 2017


7,210 Unique Technology Jobs In 4 Key Technology-Driven Sectors Singapore’s top 4 technology job hiring sectors were looking to fill a total of 7,210 technology jobs in 2017. These 4 sectors sought for the highest percentage of technology jobs to their respective total hiring demand. The 4 key technology-driven sectors: Information and Communications Technology (ICT); […]

2017 Q4: Strong 4Q Year-Over-Year Growth Of 9.6% in Online Jobs Across All Sectors

JobTech’s Online Jobs Census, covering all sectors in Singapore, shows 4Q2017 recording a strong year-over-year growth of 9.6% in the number of online jobs, as compared to the same period a year ago. Key driving sectors of this strong recovery in number of online jobs include: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Real Estate and Retail […]

2017 Q3: Slowdown In Electronics & Semiconductor Job Growth

JobTech’s 3Q 2017 Online Jobs Census across its 9 key industry sectors shows a sequential quarterly growth of 5.8% as compared to JobTech’s 2Q 2017 data. Electronics & Semiconductor registered its first negative growth in online jobs growth since 4Q2016, when JobTech’s Online Job Census technology started monitoring Singapore jobs. This could point to a […]

2017 Q2: Banking & Finance & ICT Contributed >50% of Online Jobs Growth

Banking & Finance is the top contributing sector, followed by Information and Communications Technology (ICT), to the online jobs growth in 2Q 2017. These 2 sectors collectively contributed to more than 50% of total online jobs growth recorded across 9 key labor sectors in Singapore. The top 5 most sought-after technology job roles in the […]

2017 Q1: 30% Increase In Electronics & Semiconductor Jobs

JobTech’s job monitoring technology recorded an increase of more than 600 unique online job postings in the Singapore Electronics & Semiconductor sector in 1Q 2017; over the 2,000 unique Electronics & Semiconductor sector online job postings captured in 4Q 2016. This represents a 30% increase in online job postings when 1Q 2017 is compared with […]

2017 Q1: 27% Increase In ICT Sector Singapore Online Job Postings

JobTech’s job monitoring technology recorded an increase of more than 700 unique [1] online job postings in the Singapore ICT sector in 1Q 2017; over the 2,600 unique online ICT sector jobs captured in 4Q 2016. This represents a more than 27% increase [2] in online job postings when 1Q 2017 is compared with 4Q 2016. Looking at the average number of […]